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What if you could turn the clock back 5 years? At Ethereal Rejuvenation Clinic, you can!

Aging is inevitable, and our focus is to help you age beautifully.

It’s time to further radiate your elegance and energy through self-love. Our goal is to help increase your confidence by providing you with the best visually enhancing results possible.

Ethereal Rejuvenation's mantra is to invest in relationships with people.

We strive to help our clients live happier and healthier. Our amazing staff has pledged to ensure each client a wonderful experience. With this in mind, your customized treatment is guaranteed to help restore, rejuvenate, and enhance your natural beauty!

Our Philosophy

Robin Jones, Feb,23

"The best rejuvenation clinic in WA. I've been seeing the team at Ethereal since they opened. The 3 for me laser experience is quick and painless. The results are incredible. Dr. Bhogal is warm, friendly and keeps your best interest top of mind. I've just completed my 6th appointment and am a client for life. What are you waiting for? Highly recommend."

Skye H., Feb, 23

"I had another place do my first syringe of filler and although they were less expensive (by $100/syringe), it was a very painful process (even after topical numbing). My lips looked good but after a month or so I realized I needed more because I had a lot of fine lines and wrinkles and very thin lips to begin with. For my second syringe I went to see the Bhogal at Ethereal Rejuvenation instead- they were running a Valentine's Day special which still made the syringe more expensive but she was much more talented at placement and the experience was worth the price. She took her time, had a great bedside manner, explained to me exactly what she thought I needed while showing me with a mirror- she gave me a blanket while I waited with the numbing agent on my lips and was patient with me while I winced in pain (it still hurt, but more tolerable). I noticed a lot less bruising after the work she did. She followed up both through text the following day and at the two week mark in person for a check-up. I highly recommend her for lip fillers!!"

Lucy W., Jan, 23

“I went to Dr Bhogal because of wrinkles around my lips, causing me to have pronounced "parenthesizes." Additionally, I was increasingly unhappy with the fine vertical lines on my lips. At the suggestion of my very good friend, I went to see Dr Bhogal at Ethereal Rejuvenation Clinic for fillers. I was apprehensive about fillers and I did not know what to expect. Dr Bhogal was wonderful and explained how fillers work, what to expect during and after the procedure. She understood my apprehension and put me at ease. The procedure was relatively painless and easy. All during it, Dr Bhogal and her team were warm and comforting. And I went home feeling as though I made the right decision going to Ethereal Rejuvenation and Dr Bhogal. It now has been several weeks after the procedure, and I am extremely happy with how it look and feel. Dr Bhogal has been great in making sure I do! I highly recommend Ethereal Rejuvenation Clinic, Dr Bhogal, and her team. I will definitely be going back for other procedures! Thank you, Dr Bhogal!”

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