Frequently asked questions



Our number one priority is your safety and number two priority is to deliver a great service! We are following the CDC guidelines for COVID-19. We require masks and temperature checks for all staff and clients when entering our med spa. To continue to maintain our sterile environment, we thoroughly clean the med spa after every client's service, walkins, and throughout the day. For those who do not wear a mask that is not up to code with the CDC guidelines, we will kindly ask you to find one or we can give you one. As a buisness in the medical field, we have the right to refuse service and/or future services for those who don't cooperate with our mask policy or refuse to change to a approved mask by the CDC.

Checking In

We have a sanitized waiting room that you can wait in until we are ready for your appointment. If you choose to wait in your car, please call 425.223.9641 and let us know you have arrived. We will call you back when we are ready for you. When you first walk in with a CDC approved mask, we will have a staff member take your temperature and will provide you with our required liability waiver. We will politely ask you to sanitize your hands before continuing with your appointment.

Cancellation/ Late Policy

We require at least 48 hours notice canceling a service. This applies to our FREE consultations as well. When our free consultation promotion is over, you will be charged the cancellation service fee. We request that all guests using Ethereal Rejuvenation Clinic extend a courteous cancellation notice so that we can better accommodate all of our appointments. Our treatments are precisely scheduled. Some of our services require 15 minutes. So we can not guarantee your service with a late arrival. Cancelling without 48 hours notice will result in our Last minute cancellation fee. ALL no shows will be charged the full service price. Continuous no shows will be put on a watch list and eventually not be serviced. If a gift certificate is on file, the amount will be deducted from the balance first. When your appointment starts and you haven't arrived yet, we give you a 5-10 minute grace period. After the grace period we will send you a call/message and charge your card with our late service fee.


As with all service-related industries it is customary to tip a person who has provided excellent service. A good guide is 15% – 20%, similar to what you may give your hairstylist. We do not include gratuity in our prices so after every service we will ask if you would like to tip.

Children and friends

Due to COVID we require one person in the treatment room with the exception of physicians treating the client. We require friends, family and children to wait in our sanitized waiting room or in the car while we are doing the appointment. Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to enter treatment rooms due to insurance and safety concerns. We will not watch your children and we ask politely to make arrangements for their care. If child arrangements fall through please call us to reschedule.


If you are lactating, pregnant or wanting to be pregnant please let us know in advance and during your appointment. This will help us determine a better service for your needs. Most of our services are UNSAFE for people who are lactating, pregnant or wanting to become pregnant.


Please inform us of any medical or special needs at the time of booking. For a first time client, please arrive around 10 minutes early to fill out paperwork. For recurring clients please come a couple minutes early. Please note that our treatments are precisely scheduled so if you are more than 10 minutes late, we cannot guarantee your service. During your service, please put away cell phones. A majority of our treatments will be unsafe if a cell phone is present during the time of treatment. Depending on the treatment area, we may require that you disrobe. Always do whatever is in your comfort level; your treatment takes place in a private room and all areas not being treated will be covered with a blanket or towel. We will provide you with a comfortable robe, blanket and/or disposable underwear. We will continually check in while you are being treated to make sure that you are comfortable thoughout your service. Feel free to give feedback during and/or after your treatment.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates can be purchased in our clinic with no appointment needed unless it's on a Saturday. Saturday is an appointment only day and hours will fluctuate. Promotional Gift Certificates are valid up to 2 months when received. Regular Gift Certificates expire a year after the purchase date. We can honor a Gift Certificate 3 days after the expiration date.


Privacy Policy

As a medical spa, we follow HIPAA law to ensure all medical and treatment information is private. All of your information and before and after photos are stored on your secure AestheticsPro account.

No-Shave Policy

To continue keeping Ethereal Rejuvenation Clinic sanitary and clean, we kindly ask for you to shave the area being treated with the laser machines the night BEFORE ALL appointments. We have the right to refuse service for the appointment and will reschedule you on a different date.

What services to I need to shave for?
The services that require shaving are, Laser hair removal and SculpSure.
*PLEASE NOTE* Only thick and/or long hair in the area needed to be treated, needs to be shaved the night BEFORE ALL SculpSure appointments.
Why is it important to shave before a laser hair removal appointment? Shaving the hair will allow the laser to only focus on killing the follicle and not the hair on top of the skin. This will achieve better and longer lasting results.

Late Policy

Our treatments are precisely scheduled. Some of our services require 15 minutes. So we can not guarantee your service with a late arrival. We give a 10 minute grace period with appointments that are 30 minutes and over, and a 5 minute grace period with appointments that are 30 minutes and under. Our staff will call and remind you that you had an appointment.
If you arrive after the grace period we will charge an extra fee of $50. However, we can look at the schedule and see if we can still have you for a service that day. If there are no openings, then we will reschedule. If you know you may be a few minutes late because of traffic, please give us a call 425.223.9641 so we can be prepared.

Last-minute Cancellation Policy

Calling the day of your appointment to cancel will result in our last minute cancellation fee. This $50 fee pays for the time that we could have scheduled for someone else. We will charge your card on file or have you pay it on your next appointment. Please call 24 hours in advance to cancel appointments and you can avoid this fee.

No-Show Policy

As a professional business, we take no shows very seriously at Ethereal Rejuvenation Clinic. We keep track of how many times a person no-shows. After 2 times, we have the right to refuse service and future services with the client. No show fee is $100 but may change depending on the type of appointment. Please communicate with us by calling or sending an email 48 hours before your service so we can reschedule you if needed.

Product Returns Policy

We do our best to give you the right product/s for your skincare needs. Before buying the product, we can supply samples to help you determine the right skin care product for your skin needs. As a privately owned business we do not take product returns. We are happy to exchange any defective product within 15 calendar days of purchase at no extra cost.

Service Return Policy

All sales are final and we are unable to offer refunds on used or unused services. Most of our services require multiple sessions/treatments to achieve the desired skin/body goal. If you purchase a package and are unhappy with the first treatment, we’ll do everything in our capacity to address your concerns and give you the best results. If you have purchased a service package and have unused service/s, you have up to 365 days from the date of purchase to redeem the service/s.

Payment Plan Policy

Our payment plan is a contract deal of paying a certain amount for 3 months. You will be able to start/continue your treatments while the payment plan is active. Whatever the total amount is, will be split into 3. We will ask for a card to be put on file and our system will charge it once a month like a subscription until the end of 3 months. The card for the payment will be put in your file and secured with your Aesthetics Pro account. Payment plans that are Below $300 will be charged a convenience fee of $5 for every $100. Treatments costing over $300 will not be charged a convenience fee.