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Eliminate Pesky Body Acne

The Pitfalls That Cause Body Acne—And How to Eliminate Them

If facial acne is the worst, then body acne comes in a close second. Common on the chest and

back area, body acne can be equally frustrating to deal with, especially for those who tend to be

more active or are prone to blemishes. Here, we’ll discuss the simple precautions—and steps—to

take to minimize the appearance of those pesky breakouts.

The Main Causes of Body Acne

Similar to facial acne, body acne is caused by the perfect storm of microbes, excess oil

production, and other factors that lead to pore congestion and imbalance, redness, and

irritation—the root of it all being a compromised skin barrier. Heat and sweat also aggravate the


How to Prevent and Minimize Body Acne

First thing’s first: Make some simple tweaks to your daily habits.

Shower right after a workout or outdoor summer activity to prevent sweat and bacteria from

sitting on your skin. The more time they have to sit there, the more you risk clogging your pores.