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Let’s Talk about Sunscreen

Let’s Talk About Sunscreen

With summer around the corner, a lot of you have questions about sunscreen. We all may

know a million reasons why to use the sunscreen. Let’s talk about what we may NOT know…

Do I need sunscreen on cloudy/rainy days and in winter months?

Did you know 80% of UV rays get through the clouds? So, it is important to wear sunscreen rain

or shine.

You may not be applying it right.

Apply your sunscreen 15 min before going outside. Most people rub it in but most effective is

to leave a thin layer on your skin and let it sink in on its own. Use about the shot glass worth of


What is the best type of sunscreen?

Pick the sunscreen that says “broad spectrum”. That means it will protect you from UVA aging

rays and UVB burning rays. Wear at least SPF 30. You can step it up to 50 if you plan to spend

time under the hot sun. Anything higher than that will not give you added protection. Buy the

sunscreen that says “water resistant” even if you don’t plan to go in the water because you may

be sweating in the sun.

Which one is better- chemical vs physical sunscreen?

Chemical sunscreen absorbs into your skin and then absorbs UV rays. Physical sunscreen sits on

top of the skin and reflects the sun’s rays. The minerals zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are

main ingredients in physical sunscreen. Physical sunscreens work right away- no wait needed

for it to take effect. They can be heavy and greasy on the skin so may not be ideal for acne-

prone skin. Chemical sunscreens have to be applied 15-20 min before skin exposure. They have

chemical ingredients like oxybenzone and octinoxate that can cause skin irritation and

discoloration of the skin due to chemical reaction that increases internal skin temperature.

Also, there is a rising concern of association of ‘frontal fibrosing alopecia’, a type of baldness

seen with use of chemical sunscreens.

For reasons mentioned above, I recommend using physical sunscreen that contains 8% zinc

oxide. Epionce sunscreen has micronized zinc which leaves it smooth and silky on the skin and

makes it ideal for all skin types.

I have dark skin. Do I need a sunscreen?

Yes. Anyone can get skin cancer from harmful UVB rays and photoaging from UVA rays.

Regardless of what skin type you have, you need to wear a sunscreen.

Authored by Dr. Bhogal

For questions, please call Ethereal Rejuvenation Clinic at 425-876-9075


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