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Hello Lovely!

Have skin skin/body concerns and you don’t know where to start looking?

Don’t worry, we got your back!

Lets start with your gorgeous skin tone!

Before we get started, what category do you fall under?

Some treatments that we have at can be dangerous if performed on certain skin tones.

This is just to help start you beauty adventure for treatments that might fit your beauty needs at this medical spa!

*please note that until we see your skin in person, there is always a possibility that you can qualify for more treatments or less. 


The Enchanting Warm Tones

Does your skin have a tendency to get really dark in the sun? Have you never burned or only a tiny bit? Does your ethnic background have any of the following or similar; Hispanic, Indigenous, Africans, India, Philippines, etc?

The Beautiful

Can you sometimes burn and mostly tan? 


The Lovely
Edward Collins

Do you burn easily? 

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