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Laser Hair Removal

Understanding Laser Hair Removal​

Hair removal in general works by using laser energy to target the 1st stage of the hair growth cycle. The hair growth cycle has 3 stages, stage 1 antigen, stage 2 catagen and lastly stage 3 telogen. The reason why the  stage of the hair growth cycle is so important for laser hair removal, is that it has all of the important ingredients that gives the hair power to grow is present during this time. While the hair in the second stage of the hair growth cycle is thriving and growing the laser is designed to go to this area to blast and destroy it. 

Regardless of the type of laser that you use, IPL, direct laser or diode laser, nothing in the beauty market besides electrolysis can destroy the hair in a different hair grow cycle stage. (Electrolysis uses electricity that goes in each individual hair follicle to then destroy it. This is a longer hair removal process and is recommended for stubborn hairs, grey/white hairs, skin grafts and those who are transitioning. *please note we do not offer this treatment*)

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What do we use for treatments?

Every Laser Hair Removal machine will have a little different result and need for treatments. The FDA-Approved machine that we use is called the Elite IQ by CynoSure Lasers. This machine uses direct laser energy to target the hair in the second stage of the hair growth cycle. Because it is a direct laser, this will bypass the skin and target where it needs to go. This laser is SAFE for all skin tones, from the darkest to the lightest of skin. The Elite IQ laser has 2 separate wavelengths called the YAG and Alexandrite that makes that statement possible.

What to expect during the treatment process?

If you have never had Laser Hair Removal, a minimum 6 treatments is required for any area wanting to be done. After the minimum 6 treatments it is hard to say how many more you will need because everyone is so different. 

With every treatment you will see a 10-15% of hair reduction. Why is it only 10-15%? It is because the 10-15% of hair during the time of treatment is in the 1st stage of the hair growth cycle. Around the 3rd treatment and 5th treatment you will see a wave of new hair that was not ready to be treated from the previous treatments.

Look for during your laser hair treatments, slower growth, hair patches and hair thinning! *multiple hairs grow in one hair follicle, this is why you will most likely see hair thinning first.*

Is Laser Hair Removal painfull?

The Elite iQ laser device is a lot more comfortable then other laser hair removal devices. This laser is fast and precise while it blows very cold air onto the treatment area with every laser pulse. The Elite IQ is so fast that doing a laser treatment for the underarms can take as little as 5 minutes! The cold air numbs the skin just enough to neutralize the heat of the laser pulse. You will still feel what would be resembled of a quick snap of a rubber band. This process is so fast and only for that moment, that after the treatment is done, you will not feel any residual pain.

Their is no downtime and any residual tingly feeling after the treatment will subside. Any painless redness, little red bumps or swelling will subside in 2-24 hours! This is normal reaction after laser and aloe can help.

*We have a no-shave policy *

To continue to keep our clinic sanitary and clean, Ethereal Rejuvenation Clinic WILL NOT shave the treatment area for your service.

  We kindly ask for you to shave the hair in the area being treated the day/night BEFORE all your laser hair removal appointments.

Why is shaving before a treatment important?


 Shaving the night before your treatment helps the laser go directly into where it needs to target. If not done, the hair will absorbed the laser energy on the top on the skin rather then in the skin, resulting in less effective results and a more uncomfortable treatment. Waxing is not recommended before or during your laser treatments. If you wax the hair is not there when the laser will not do anything. You will have to wait a minimum of 4 weeks to resume or start laser treatments.  .

Will the hair ever grow back?

Nothing in life is guaranteed. Even with having the best technology in the beauty industry, Laser Hair Removal can NOT stop hormones from activating dormant hairs. Now don't be scared, it is uncommon to have everything grow completely back after getting to a satisficed area of hair reeducation. Any MAJOR shift in hormones like health changes or pregnancy, will spark inspiration to grow hair. 

Are you in the clear if there is no shift in hormones? Not nessisarerly, with age, new medication, change in diet, or that time of the month, you can have a couple of hairs pop up over time. This is most common for women and most likely be noticed on the upper lip, chin, jawline and/or neck.


hair removal before after 2.png


hair removal before after 2.png
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