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Laser Hair Removal

Get rid of unwanted hair permanently and get the smooth,
touchable skin you've always wanted

*We have a

no-shave policy *

To continue to keep our clinic sanitary and clean, Ethereal Rejuvenation Clinic WILL NOT shave the treatment area for your service.

  We kindly ask for you to shave the hair in the area being treated the day/night BEFORE all your laser hair removal appointments.

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How does Elite IQ Work?​

The Elite iQ device offers quick, easy and personalized laser hair treatments using smart technology. The Elite iQ device is equipped with a Skintel device, the only FDA melanin reader on the market.

 The Skintel device is equipped with technology that reads your precise skin type, so we can safely treat all skin types and areas of the body, including under arms, legs, bikini area and back - making the Elite iQ device perfect hair removal solutions for men and women.

hair removal -2.png
hair removal -1.png

Why choose Elite IQ for hair removal?

The advantages of Laser hair removal are clear:

What areas can be treated?

Hair on most areas of the body can be treated including face, back, chest, arms, underarms, bikini and legs.

What type of results can I expect?

Expect to see a gradual decrease in the hair thickness and in the amount of hair present in the area.

How long does the treatment take?

The treatment takes just minutes for small areas and about 30 minutes for larger areas.

What does the procedure feel like?

Patient describe a range of sensations from tingling to the snap of a rubber band during the procedure.

When can I resume my daily activities?

Typically, there is no downtime and you can return to your daily activities immediately following the procedure. Avoid hot showers, saunas, and heavy exercising for only 24 hours right

after your treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

Since our hair grows in cycles, multiple treatments are often recommended for desired results. Other factors that influence this include hair color, texture and area being treated.

What can I expect following the treatment?

Typically, most people experience a mild, sunburn-like sensation, possibly accompanied by some minor swelling immediately following the treatment. This usually lasts two to 24 hours. Speak with your provider to discuss possible side-effects and the necessary post- treatment care.

  • Long term results

  • Safe for ALL skin types

  • Fast treatment sessions that take only minutes-Great for reducing hair from larger areas.

  • No downtime

  • The Elite IQ uses SKINTEL MELANIN READER. This advanced technology measures the skin melanin index at each treatment. This index is used to determine the ideal settings for each individual patient.This increases the safety and results of each treatment.

  • Direct cooling where the laser pulses. This cold air makes the treatment comfortable!


The Elite IQ is shown in the photo above.

Before and After Photos


hair removal before after 2.png


hair removal before after 2.png
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