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Skin Tightening

What Do We Use For Skin Tightening?

At ERj Clinic Dr. Bhogal has invested in the industry leading TempSure is a skin tightening treatment that can be used on any part of the body. Helps with loose skin, stretch marks, fine lines/ wrinkles, and cellulite reduction. Other uses- TMJ pain, dry eyes.
It’s a great alternative to Neurotoxin/Fillers or even Surgery. The radiofrequency( RF) heats the skin hence stimulating collagen and elastin
It is extremely effective at skin tightening, resulting in an immediate lifted appearance. Over the next 3-6 months, your skin will continue to make new collagen giving you an even more beautiful result. TempSure is safe for all skin types and levels of sun exposure, so it can be done
any time of the year!


Why TempSure ?

TempSure  has been carefully designed with comfort in mind to provide you with a comfortable and effective treatment every time! It feels like a heated blanket or a hot stone massage! 99% of patients described the treatment as comfortable. 

 There is absolutely no downtime allowing you to return to your normal activities immediately with a more lifted, tighter appearance. Depending on the area/areas being treated, the time can range from 15 minutes to an hour long.

When will I see results?

Instantly! You will leave with a natural glow, and what patients describe as a "tighter" feeling. The best part is that collagen will continue to rebuild over time, enhancing your skin's appearance. *Keep in mind that final results of this treatment can take from 3-6 months to fully show.* The reason behind the  3-6 months time, is because it takes this much time to create collagen!

Is this right for me?

TempSure is right for everyone! Treatments are extremely safe and can be performed on all skin types and tones. Unlike other technologies that help with skin tightening, TempSure treatments can be performed all year round! TempSure is a treatment that saying "the more the merrier" is very true, you cant have one too many treatments. 

How many treatments are needed?

A series of treatments is always recommended just because of the wonderful technology TempSure can give, but every patient is different. A consultation from one of our licensed professionals can develop with you a treatment plan for your  skin concern. 






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