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Non surgical fat reduction treatments

There are a vast array of technologies that target body fat. However, the endless amount of

information on internet can make it increasingly difficult to know which one is right for you!

Due to these unprecedented, Covid-19 affected times, we have been forced to live indoors

more than we want. As a result, we have accumulated fat in unwanted places. Let’s learn about

the available options to get rid of unwanted fat non-surgically!

Non surgical fat reduction options use a variety of modalities, including ultrasound,

radiofrequency, cryolipolysis( Coolsculpting), injection lipolysis( e.g. Kybella), laser lipolysis(


Lets talk about Cryolipolysis- This uses fat freezing technology that permanently removes heat

from the fat cells, freezes and crystallizes them, which also damages their structural integrity.

Suction based applicators freeze and numb the treatment area. Post treatment massage is

required which can be uncomfortable. Treatments are 35-60min per area. Common side effects

are numbness, bruising and itching. Serious adverse effects can happen and include delayed

onset pain, hernias, paradoxical tissue hyperplasia( thickening and expanding of fat cells in the

treated area which require liposuction to fix). Due to the technology, unevenness in the

treatment area has been reported. The final results may take several months as your immune