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Do you struggle with dark circles around your eyes? Are you tired of looking tired all the time?

What causes dark circles?

Several factors can cause dark circles such as lack of good sleep, too much caffeine or alcohol,

smoking, increase in melanin pigment, fat loss under the eyes and not to forget- it can also be


What can you do to help these dark circles?

- Get enough sleep. Do you know that you need 7-9 hrs. of sleep every night? People over

65 should get 7-8 hrs. of sleep/night. Both your brain and body repairs cell damage at


- Avoid excessive alcohol and caffeine. Both of these have dehydrating effects on your

skin and body. Smoking hastens aging process exponentially- talk to your doctor to

discuss smoking cessation and to learn safe limits on alcohol and caffeine.

- Skin lightening creams. Creams with kojic acid, tranexamic acid, Vit C can help dark

circles. Talk to your esthetician or your aesthetic physician today to help with your skin

care regimen!

- Cool compresses can help reduce the puffiness around/under your eyes.